Jul 09, 2021 / Interiors
Santa Clara 1728 by Aires Mateus

Santa Clara 1728 is a minimalist boutique hotel located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Aires Mateus. While a space can certainly influence mood and emotion, very seldom can a space inspire change and transcendence. João Rodrigues, founder of Silent Living, has done just that in his portfolio of properties that go beyond the limits of traditional hospitality. Upon entering the Santa Clara 1728 space, an immediate shift occurs in atmosphere, as one is welcomed by the clean lines of the Living Divani Extrasoft sofa taking center stage while a gold framed renaissance painting is juxtaposed alongside the wall.

A long communal table in the adjacent room was purposefully chosen to promote interaction between guests and capture the moments most important to Rodrigues: the precious time spent with those whom are most important over food and drinks. Guests are encouraged to interact within the space as if it were their own home, slowly stripping away guarded tensions and the obsession over digital attention. The minimum stay of two nights ensures that once a guest leaves, they return to the world feeling anew, the retreat serving as an important reminder to slow down and be more conscious of the present.

It goes without saying that the interior was immaculately designed, but praise should be given to the smaller details that could be easily ignored. Whether it be the perfectly cut openings created to slot the folding shutters, or the uniquely fragrant smell of the towels, everything within the space was carefully considered and designed to promote peace and calm. Santa Clara 1728 offers six spacious suites, consisting of two different types, both of which featuring sprawling views of the river. Silent Living may not only describe its design aesthetic, but more importantly the feeling in which the space conveys.

Photography by Juan Rodriguez, Francesco Martello, Renée Kemps, Nelson Garrido, Syvona Askayo