Bento Tray is a minimalist table created by Berlin-based brand OSW, which consists of designers Johannes Grune and Oleg Pugachev. Occasional tables for every occasion, they offer maximum flexibility even in limited living spaces. Coming in four sizes, the pieces can be elegantly combined, yet each tray works just as well individually. The smallest in the series is the perfect fit for a laptop and can be placed on a tabletop to create an instant ergonomic standing desk. Additionally available at a reduced height, this size is highly portable and ideal for flexible use, whether on the couch, in bed or for serving all the family. The larger sizes work perfectly as side tables, while also inviting users to perform some of their everyday activities on the floor, offering a great alternative for dining, working or playing.

The tactile, rounded design, accurately crafted by hand and state-of-the-art machinery, celebrates the substance of solid wood and combines characteristics typical of a tray; a delicately curved edge is pleasant to the touch and prevents objects, or other Bento Trays, from sliding off the surface. OSW places great importance on local, sustainable production and materials – their conscientious approach is exemplified in Bento Tray: a carefully designed, hand-finished item of furniture that stands for high quality, flexibility and longevity. Each piece is custom-made from FSC-certified oak or ash and produced on demand – designed in Berlin, made in Germany.