Apr 23, 2018 / Furniture
HalfHalf Circle by Jinsik Kim

HalfHalf Circle is a minimalist piece designed by Korea-based studio Jinsik Kim. HalfHalf circle long, as a series of HalfHalf collection. The design is not only for the different potentials of stone and metal, but also for the purity of metal and stone. The project is to reinterpret the material as a bench or a sculpture, by using minimal shapes of circle and square. The main point is to have a strong contrast between metal and stone. I decided to use a geometric structure like crossing a heavy material over the bent stainless steel. And then it is able to function as a mirror with a good contrast between a light material and a heavy one. It is for a long time like a poem. HalfHalf circle long is a test of the possibility of metal, which is a solid material, but with a warm impression of color concrete and a cold image.

This is a result of trying to find various ways of using machines and fundamental values ​​that are playing a big role in the current industry. The combination of mechanical and manual work brings out the aesthetics that are not felt in objects produced under an efficient system. HalfHalf circle long is an extension of the expression in the existing HalfHalf furniture series, which maximizes the contrast between two materials of concrete and metal, and is made of objects that can be combined with artificial shapes such as circles and squares, which are contrasted with natural geometry. The asymmetrical shape is stable, conveying a sense of tension and liveliness. The square metal marble is precisely fitted to the groove of the circular metal so that the balance functions perfectly as a bench. The function or message is hidden in the form metaphorically, so it can be enjoyed slowly like a poem for a long time.