Big Sur Collection is a minimal furniture collection created by California-based Michael Hilal for St. Vincents. In a celebration of California’s diverse landscape, San Francisco-based designer Michael Hilal has unveiled his latest design project, “Big Sur,” featuring an innovative interplay of organic shapes inspired by the state’s unique topography. Hilal’s work, which focuses on the intersection of interiors, objects, art, and fashion, champions the ease of living and sun-kissed imperfection synonymous with the Golden State. His collaborations span various creative fields, producing distinctive, approachable spaces that exude a sense of relaxation and effortlessness. At the heart of the Big Sur project is a versatile, centerpiece sofa designed to transform any room into a natural gathering space.

Encouraging casual configurations and reconfigurations, the sofa evokes the laid-back essence of California living that has become a signature in Hilal’s designs. Complementing the plush upholstery and bespoke details is the floating, minimal Judd bar and record player, a nod to artist Donald Judd, whose reductionist forms emphasized their own physical presence. This metallic, geometric piece provides a cool sensory counterpoint to the sofa’s organic nature, infusing a touch of nostalgia into the overall ambiance. Influenced by French architect and designer Pierre Chareau, the Big Sur project also includes two variations of wider and deeper stools, designed for lounging in style. The backless version and the asymmetrical-backed option with a low bumper demonstrate Hilal’s commitment to subverting formality in design.

Photography by Jonas Loellman