May 04, 2021 / Furniture
Coffee Cup Realism by Kajsa Willner

Coffee Cup Realism is a minimal wall piece and chair created by Sweden-based designer Kajsa Willner. The exhibition is intended as a tribute to the pause, presence, and the relationship between the body and the cup. The basis of the idea is partly the celebration of an object that increases the quality of daily habits and actions, as well as an object and a ritual that partly reinforces a presence and which aesthetically, tactilely, or perceptually connects us to the body and the moment. Willner’s project, Coffee Cup Realism, is a personal and humoristic interpretation of the drama that all too often unfolds during the designer’s own morning routine. A kitchen sink realistic scene staged in a domestic setting as an unpolished, naturalistic representation of ordinary life. The online presentation will then be followed up by a physical exhibition in Copenhagen in August 2021. In addition to Kajsa Willner, the exhibition also features work from Jenny Nordberg, Kwangho Lee, Soft Baroque and Wang & Söderström to name a few.