Coming Home is a minimal furniture collection designed by New York-based studio Juntos. The studio, named after the Spanish word for “together,” is the brainchild of María Daniela Huiza and Abraham Bendheim, co-founders based in New York City with roots in South America (Venezuela) and the northeastern United States, respectively. Demonstrating their commitment to local production, all of their pieces are crafted in the U.S. and developed through collaborations with highly skilled artisans, using premium natural materials sourced as close to home as possible. The collection, to be showcased at the ICFF, features four pieces made from solid hardwood. These designs intertwine expressive forms with functionality, embracing a sensual approach to color. Thoughtfully created, the furniture aims to bring beauty and self-expression into the intimate spaces of our homes.

Co-founder Abraham Bendheim emphasizes the importance of personal space in light of the pandemic, stating, “The pandemic forced us to think more carefully about our personal space, how it looks, functions and–most importantly–how it makes us feel.” The project was born out of a desire to merge contrasting aesthetics and sensibilities found in art and architecture, with the ideas gradually taking shape during the days of pandemic isolation. Co-founder María Daniela Huiza adds, “After years of social distancing, we recognize that people are eager to share and connect with each other. There is something really special about inviting someone into your home, feeling confident that it manifests as an extension of your personal aesthetic and values.” Each piece in the collection is designed to foster togetherness.

The Oblique coffee table features rounded edges and cut corners, facilitating movement around it. With a lower shelf for discreet storage, the table’s top surface becomes a blank canvas for hosting friends and family. The Mortise shelving system offers a versatile storage solution, expandable or collapsible due to its smart modular design, which conveniently packs flat. The Arc stool pays homage to the timeless low seat, an essential element in any living space. Its angled legs and soft curved seat combine style and functionality, accommodating gatherings with ease. Lastly, the Duo bowl, characterized by strong architectural lines, serves as a double-sided vessel that can be flipped to hold and display various objects. Available in two sizes, large and small, it adds an elevated touch to any tablescape.

JUNTOS collaborates with skilled craftsmen in Maine and New York to produce their pieces, utilizing premium natural materials. Their commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability is evident in the made-to-order or limited-quantity production approach they adopt.

Photography by William Jess Laird