Costume is a minimalist modular sofa created by Munich-based designer Stefan Diez for Magis. Costume is a modular sofa inspired by a casual lifestyle that embraces change and is informed by environmental awareness. The system consists of one single unit, which can be interlocked in various constellations or extended with armrests or a pouffe, according to individual preference. The key component at the core of Costume is a 4mm thin structure made from recycled and recyclable Polypropylene: its integrated, refined details give the sofa’s dress a tight and perfect fit. Thanks to the elastic loops hooked into the bottom, the sofa can be dressed and undressed by the owner at any time for washing or replacement. The colorful range of fabric options by Kvadrat are all washable making Costume especially suitable for families and hospitality applications. Embedded pocket springs ensure outstanding comfort, while minimizing the use of ecologically problematic synthetic foam.