Facade Bench is a minimalist bench designed by London-based studio APOHLI. Constructed from a material known for its sustainability, the Facade Bench draws its inspiration from the study of cork and its wide-ranging eco-friendly implications. It borrows its tactile finish from the cork tree’s outermost layer, applying a fine veneer to the bench that lends both aesthetic intrigue and structural support. Employing a streamlined geometric language, the bench’s design is an interplay of cuboid and cubic shapes. This strategic choice not only pushes the aesthetic boundaries of the material but also invites viewers to observe and appreciate the cork’s unique texture up close. Its simplicity in form doesn’t compromise on functionality; the bench can be utilized in numerous ways—as a seat, a pedestal, or a side table, demonstrating its versatility. Mirroring cork’s traditional applications in the architecture industry, notably as wall and flooring materials, the Facade Bench presents itself as an independent structure within any space. Its standalone design encourages full circumnavigation and interaction, offering a different glimpse into its texture and structure from each angle. As a result, it doesn’t merely occupy a room—it engages with it, every perspective unfolding a distinct narrative of the bench’s design and purpose.