Aug 22, 2021 / Furniture
Fereday Ottoman by Tom Fereday

Fereday Ottoman is a minimalist ottoman created by Australia-based designer Tom Fereday in collaboration with Art Gallery of NSW. Inspired by the architecture of the Art Gallery, the Fereday ottoman (as named by the gallery) was designed and developed for the entire public gallery space resulting in over 35 unique ottomans and lounges. One of the key factors in developing the collection was a sympathetic consideration for the space and purpose of the gallery. Quiet yet refined sculptural details compliment the space and artworks of the gallery allowing the piece to subtly rest among both old and new areas of the gallery without competing or distracting from the beautiful artworks surrounding the walls of the gallery.

The resulting ottoman has subtle restrained design details which upon closer inspection reveal the incredible detail and craftsmanship that went into each piece. The collaboration acted a true celebration of Australian artisanship through both locally sourced materials and craftsmen with the final collection made entirely in Sydney. Built upon a refined soft angular solid timber frame made from Australian spotted gum and finished with a slender proportioned, fine aniline leather seat each element was handcrafted by some of the finest makers in Australia. Each ottoman edition was stamped with a unique edition number for the gallery allowing for subsequent future editions.

Photography by Fiona Susanto