May 10, 2022 / Furniture
Flow Coffee Table by Kita Living

Flow Coffee Table is a minimal coffee table designed by Gokhan Eryaman for Istanbul-based studio Kita Living. The triangular Flow Coffee Table Large with rounded edges contours its form by curved three legs. The sculptural skeleton with the interlocking linear laths joins into the legs to create a well-proportioned base for the table top. Crafted from oak wood, the low piece awakens a sense of tactile by making the unique textures of the material visible. Instead of covering the details, it reflects the transparent relationship of the parts to its silhouette. Flow Coffee Table Large is a refined interpretation of Chabudai, the traditional Japanese low table. It is flatpack, and the pieces slot together easily. With the table top options; wooden, smoked glass and bronze glass, Flow Coffee Table offers material options for customization. In this sense, it allows opportunities to create your own stories in your living spaces.

Creative direction by Ismail Dagli