May 10, 2022 / Interiors
House of Light and Wood by NothingDesign

House of Light and Wood is a minimal residence located in Beijing, China, designed by NothingDesign. The owner of the four-story villa, an actor, wanted a space that was calm and simple, yet unique with sophisticated idiosyncrasies. The original layout of the house is relatively square, with the living-dining room partition on the left and the entrance hall and living room on the right, but the space is not permeable enough due to a developer’s gift of a patio in the center of the building. The architect decided to open up the patio section to make the space brighter and more spacious while also achieving higher utilization. The beige colored walls combined with wood, black and stainless steel colors throughout the case give the whole design a wholeness, but these colors are presented in different proportions in each space. The texture of the art paint, wood grain and sisal form a wabi-sabi atmosphere, while the stainless steel and glass have a bit of an industrial quality. The overall tone is a delicate balance between rigidity and softness, making it feel rich and natural.