Apr 28, 2022 / Furniture
Flywater by Calen Knauf

Flywater is a minimal occasional table Vancouver-based designer Calen Knauf. The Flywater was produced for the exhibit Slanted Enchanted at Erin Stump Projects in Toronto Canada. The Table comes from two observations. The first was a fly stuck in the water-covered surface of a piece of art at Alice Liechtenstein’s castle. The second was the beauty of leftover epoxy after mixing, usually with a small stir stick protruding from the solid puddle. The table consists of three raw waxed aluminum legs embedded in a series of tinted epoxy resin puddles. The legs were placed in three separate puddles. Once dried, those puddles (including legs) were placed in a new puddle and allowed to cure. That construction was then placed again in another puddle, and the process was repeated until a satisfying thickness was achieved.

Photography by Sean Davidson

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