Oct 14, 2020 / Furniture
Hallway Bench by Ette

Hallway Bench is a minimal bench created by Vancouver-based studio Ette. Ette is a project exploring the relationship between the self and the home. Interested in the arrangement of domestic life, each object is created with intention–to become a part of the place they inhabit. Simple manipulations of material–like mirrored glass, wood and metal reveal considered forms. Working in close collaboration with local fabricators, Ette aims to foster and strengthen the relationship’s between art, design and industry. The bench is a commission for a private client, constructed of ash and finished in India Ink.

The hallway is a transitional space, providing both connection and distance between environments. The hallway bench, designed by ette is interested in slowness, both in the process of making and the lived experience of the piece in the home. The design of the bench draws from dutch architect & monk Dom Hans Van der Laan’s theories on numerical ratios–  using scale, proportion and materiality to breath emotional, and atmospheric qualities into the built environment. 

Photography by Ian Lanterman