Oct 14, 2020 / Products
The New Normal by BOIR

The New Normal is a minimalist tableware collection created by Croatia-based studio BOIR. The New Normal tableware bridges the gap between intimacy and distance, enabling safe food sharing while simultaneously connecting and separating the served dishes. The New Normal collection explores the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on traditional dining rituals and the future that brings many restrictions to prevent the spread of the infection. With its collection, studio Boir considers how to achieve balance between intimacy and safe distance within the context of the “new normal”.

The steel and stone tableware is designed in response to plexiglass barriers that prevent any attempt of food sharing between two people. Despite coronavirus safety rules, our conceptual tableware retains that important social and cultural dimension of dining – sharing. Minimalist, geometrically shaped steel forms ensure sterile and safe food serving, while unique pieces handcrafted from natural stone fragments soften the stern impression. A set of tableware that enables the ritual of dessert sharing. Using long spoons, the couple can feed and nurture one another while maintaining a safe distance.