Apr 27, 2022 / Furniture
Lithic Chair by Maha Alavi

Lithic Chair is a minimal chair created by Toronto-based designer Maha Alavi. Lithic Chair interprets space in a way that prioritizes a sense of playfulness and curiosity. The dramatic use of solid wood is framed by its statuesque low profile, capitalizing on the relationship between negative and positive space. The carefully machined nooks embrace the cushion, dressed in cloud-like bouclé upholstery, snuggly into the form. Lithic Chair evokes poetry and softness from every angle. Lithic Chair is inspired by the pure and primitive. Alavi wanted to take the simplest chair frame, in terms of both construction and design, and also turn it into the softest. When designing, a core tenet for the designer is considering continuity in form and philosophy: does the design communicate its intent holistically and succinctly? Lithic Chair came to be from a desire to share softness through function, form, and material.