Low Collection is a minimal series of furniture designed by London-based architect Benni Allan for Béton Brut. These minimalist ‘sculptures’ echo sensual forms and suggest places to re st and interact. Playing with scale and stature, Allan arrives at a new ‘floor culture’ or ‘Zazen’ for modern living. Low Collection sits on liminal ground between art and function, organic and rational. Curvilinear forms are extruded with precision. Or c leanly crosscut to reveal the quality of the end – grain. Made from sustainably sourced solid oak, Low also combines modern manufacture and traditional craftsmanship, each piece hand – finished by Allan. Benni Allan is an architect, designer and maker.

His practice EBBA intersects architecture and the visual arts, creating objects and spaces that explore materiality, construction, proportions and form. The Low Collection is his first full collection of furniture, exclusive to Béton Brut. And was inspired b y recent research trips to Japan, and his background living in China and Southern Spain. Béton Brut presents rare, architect – led furniture and lighting from Europe and Japan. Following her eye on a monochromatic journey through the last century, the collection coheres around curator Sophie Pearce’s distinct sculptural aesthetic.

Photography by Gareth Hacker