May 18, 2022 / Furniture

S1 CHAPTER is a minimal workstation created by Berlin-based designer Sebastian Schönheit for LOEHR. CHAPTER expands the collection with a piece of furniture that is as striking as it is original, and marks, figuratively speaking, a new chapter at LOEHR. As the fruit of the first collaboration with an independent author, CHAPTER underlines the Label’s position as a growing collaborative platform. This follows an understanding of the design process as a dialog, built on a common approach. CHAPTER responds to the demands of hybrid working practices in which the physical and digital worlds merge seamlessly. Today’s office work is flexible, agile and ubiquitously organized. The increased relevance of the digital layer in the work mode and communication has fundamentally transformed the demands placed on furniture. CHAPTER addresses this development in a radical fashion: The reinterpretation of the bureau represents the compact expression of a modern workspace, which can be intuitively integrated into both working and living environments – from shared space and hotel lounge to micro-apartment.

Work surface, storage space, display – CHAPTER’s functional trio takes into account the newly negotiated balance between working and living space. Through the reduction of the form to lines and planes, the design follows the minimalistic logic of constructive elements, in accordance with Schönheit and LOEHR’s common aesthetic. The interplay of horizontal and vertical planes lends the wall-mounted bureau the appearance of a floating sculpture. The foldable work surface and shelf simultaneously forms the cover for a hidden storage space for the laptop and personal items, as well as the obligatory cable management. The sloping rear panel also serves as a shelf, in order to keep utensils in reach, or as a place to display selected books, notes and objects. CHAPTER can be used as an individual work surface, standing desk, or a sideboard, and when arranged in a row against the wall creates a whole workspace. The sculptural impression generated by CHAPTER is accentuated by the selection of materials and colour: While the rear panel is executed in powder-coated aluminium, the work surface from painted oak-veneer captivates with its warm haptics.