Maisetta is a minimal low table created by Switzerland-based designer Carlo Clopath with cabinet maker Serge Borgmann. There has probably never been a time in our society when the general re-awareness of living matter has been more significant. The studio regards this as their responsibility to create products that are living, beautiful to live with, and that age, evolve, and develop a patina. The products follow the logic of the raw material because they allow the wood to breathe. The processed board adapts to the weather or season, changing like a tree: in the summer, when trees grow, the board swells, and in the winter, when growth slows, the board shrinks. The boards, which have been carefully chosen based on their respective purposes (structure, surface), are put together to create a low table (or a shelf). Each component—bar, board, and wedge—performs a vital task—supporting, clamping, or stiffening. Wedge tension is applied to the planks with staggered grooves that are clamped between four battens. By doing this, the forces are passed to the intertwined feet, stiffening the entire construction.