Nov 03, 2022 / Furniture
Nora Table by BACD Studio

Nora Table is a minimal table designed by Copenhagen-based atelier BACD Studio. The broad legs are topped with a dome, giving an arching silhouette from any angle, and make reference to the arched windows present in the family’s mid-19th century Copenhagen villa. The spherical tops may be seen and enjoyed while seated or from a distance since the legs are kept low and away from the table top. The solid walnut table seats six people comfortably but may be extended to seat eight to ten people. The solid wood sliding mechanism has been painstakingly planned and constructed to provide smooth operation. To ensure the table would last for many generations, traditional joinery techniques like wedged tenons and sliding dovetails have been used throughout. Custom materials and dimensions are available for each table, which are created to order. For pricing and availability, please contact us.