Jul 11, 2020 / Furniture
Mallow by Note Design Studio

Mallow is a minimalist special edition lounge chair created by Stockholm-based designer Note Design Studio. Note Editions – an online platform built to establish a connection between the our studio and users, providing direct access to special-edition, early releases of its latest designs. Note Editions will allow people to order special signature editions of selected products at the moment they launch – and, for the first time, give Note a channel through which to speak and sell directly to its audience.

The Mallow Lounge Chair is plush, playful and inviting, formed from a distinctive arrangement of rounded forms that resemble a plush pile of marshmallows – and are every bit as enticing. Alongside its fun and floaty, yet sophisticated aesthetic, the design of Mallow prioritizes comfort and indulgence. Soft and generous, the back and armrests have a satisfying ‘give’ to them as you sit, moulding to the contours of the body with a base that is engineered to swivel or spin as you desire.

Photography by Kristoffer Fagerström