Aug 26, 2022 / Furniture
Mitla Sillas by Pedro Reyes

Mitla Sillas is a minimal chair created by Mexico City-based artist Pedro Reyes for Harmonious Contradictions, an exhibition in collaboration between MASA and Sotheby’s. Harmonious Contradiction is a group exhibition presenting eight contemporary artists producing polished bronze and brass floor works by Mexico City-based MASA Galeria, in conversation with a selection of post-war and contemporary works curated by Sotheby’s. These will be presented alongside a series of works by pioneering artists of the 20th century and today, including Ellsworth Kelly, Sam Francis, Philip Guston, George Condo, Chisto, and Adam Pendleton – all of which will be available for sale. Pedro Reyes presents Mitla Sillas, striking brass works which are inspired by the Mitla archaeological site in Oaxaca, specifically the rhythmic repetition of motifs, fretworks, and symmetry of the pyramids.

Photography by Alejandro Ramirez