Flat Crème is a minimal home located in Bangalore, India, designed by Studio Bomb. Its character and atmosphere derive from evocation, experience and the desire to create an escape from the outside world. Designed with a particular focus on embracing and enhancing natural light, honest materials and meticulously crafted finishes. The Space features a palette of Anigre, veined marble, and metal with warm tones to provide a backdrop for bespoke furniture which also adds an element of order to the interior atmosphere, creating an authentic and alluring composition. Different materials, surfaces, and textures work tactile and delicate, creating a surface on which the eye wants to rest, transforming the space into timeless and true. The living and dining are in a linear composition while the galleria sits on an orthogonal axis around which are three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a wine cellar. The Kitchen is concealed behind a sliding door which enables the separation of spaces and features built-in appliances to maintain a minimalist space.

Photography by Arjun Krishna