OBJ-06 is a minimal lounge chair created by Mexico-based designer Manu Bañó. Marusela Granell and Manu Bañó, two artists known for their minimalistic approach, are connected by their use of simple actions such as cutting, folding, gluing, or ripping to transform raw materials into art. The artists’ joint pursuit of beauty leads them to explore various manipulation processes. Manu Bañó focuses on repurposing industrial materials into sculptural, functional objects through basic mechanical gestures. Eschewing references or prior research, Bañó relies on intuition to guide his design process. The artists’ shared exhibition emphasizes beauty, asserting that without superfluity, poetry could not exist.

Manu Bañó’s new collection showcases the versatility and properties of copper. Crafted in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, Mexico, an enchanting town known for its goldsmith tradition, the collection highlights the skills of artisans accustomed to creating small copper items like pots or vessels. Bañó’s collection features three pieces: a lounge chair, a coffee table, and a wall lamp, each crafted by hand-hammering thin sheets of copper. This hammering technique adds strength and a three-dimensional quality to the finished works.

Photography by Alejandro Ramírez Orozco