Offcut Collection is a minimal furniture series created by Copenhagen-based designer Lærke Ryom, presented at Ukurant during 3daysofdesign. Founded by Kamma Rosa Schytte, Kasper Kyster, Josefine Krabbe, and Lærke Ryom, Ukurant emerged from a series of dialogues centered on the challenges of transitioning from design student to fully-fledged designer. These conversations explored the nuances of self-definition within a competitive industry that often demands unpaid labor and stresses the importance of economical fabrication over artistic vision. Ukurant serves as a dynamic exhibition platform and communal hub that bolsters the status of emerging designers. Its mission extends beyond transient promotion, aiming to offer enduring support to ambitious designers through a multi-disciplinary network that facilitates shared experiences and skillsets.

In an act of organic symmetry, the fourteen objects within the Offcut Collection are shaped according to the inherent parameters set by their origin material. Their rhythmically dictated dimensions echo the production dimensions from which they were born. This not only demonstrates an inventive approach to design but also adds an intriguing narrative to each piece. The artful arrangement of the collection enhances the natural patterning, offering a visual homage to the inherent beauty of the wood grain. This offbeat utilization of the offcuts delivers an unexpected appreciation of the grain’s inherent aesthetic appeal. Thus, both the form and decorative elements derive organically from the source material itself.

Photography by Peter Vinther