Outline Chair is a minimal chair created by Copenhagen-based designer Kristina Dam. This design perfectly complements the Outline Desk, and together they form a harmonious partnership that is perfect for any modern workspace or remote workstation. The Outline Chair embodies the spirit of sculptural minimalism that defines everything created at Kristina Dam Studio, with its airy frame and subtle sculptural expression. The chair’s organic and tactile appeal is a testament to the designer’s mastery of the interplay between positive and negative spaces. Crafted from oiled FSC-certified oak with beautiful walnut tree details, the Outline Chair exudes a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic.

The clean lines and simple interplay of squares make this chair not only a functional seating option, but also a true work of art. Not only is the Outline Chair a visually striking, it is also incredibly comfortable, making it the ideal seating option for open dining areas, small cafes, and upscale restaurants. Its sleek design and efficient use of space make it the perfect match for any interior, whether one is looking to create a sophisticated workspace or an inviting dining area. Outline Chair is perfectly embodies the essence of Kristina Dam Studio. A functional and beautiful addition to any modern space, this chair is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.