Urban Infill Berlin is a minimal architecture project located in Berlin, Germany, designed by Appels Architekten. The newly constructed 24-apartment urban infill stands prominently in the backyard of the historical Imperial Post Office building located in the vibrant neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg (N113) in Berlin. This building is a perfect example of how contemporary design can seamlessly blend with the traditional architecture of the city. The building’s footprint is a perfect match to that of a pre-war building that was destroyed in the past, effectively filling the last gap in the block and bringing the street back to its former glory. The building is designed with a rugged materialization, which allows it to blend in with the surrounding townhouses, many of which have been around for centuries. The elongated site allows for two courtyards to be captured, each with its own unique outdoor spaces. The courtyards are designed to be a continuation of the indoor living spaces, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors in an intimate setting. The combination of the building’s rough materialization and its location within the heart of the city, surrounded by historic townhouses, makes it a truly unique and charming addition to the neighborhood. The urban infill is a testament to the timeless beauty of design and the ability of contemporary architecture to harmoniously coexist with the city’s historical heritage.

Photography by Simon Menges