Mar 16, 2021 / Furniture
Prior Table by Benjamin Kicic

Prior Table is a minimal dining table created by Brooklyn-based designer Benjamin Kicic. The Prior Table is made from solid wood with an inset leather detail along the bottom. The character of the table derives from the proportional balance of the graphic element of the base, coupled with the sturdiness of the wooden elements. The piece reflects the importance of rhythm and repetition throughout. Designed for sensibility rather than style, the prior table celebrates the inherent beauty of raw materials by utilizing solid wood and hand-dyed leather, the piece—centered around the belief that luxury is a gesture toward simplicity and small details, livability, and practicality. Made to be lived in, the table draws out the natural tendencies of their materials in order to build patina and character. These qualities gradually strengthen an individual’s connection to their surroundings through time.