Pure Minimalist is a minimalist furniture collection created by New York-based designer Ameé Allsop. Inspired by the minimalist art movement of the late 1950s, the collection features six unique pieces for the considered home. Having spent the last 12 years as an architect, working in both Sydney and New York with AIA Gold Medal architect Peter Stutchbury and Matthew Baird Architects, Allsop honed her aesthetic to bring a unique approach and understanding of the home to her designs. It is her comprehensive knowledge of this space and years of experience that have formed each piece of furniture in the collection. “My love of home and the art of living has lead me to design this collection. There is architecture in everything. I wanted the beauty of the material and the simple proportions to be the primary focus. The pieces are not demanding attention but their presence is certainly felt.”

Designed in The Hamptons and handmade in New York using natural materials, Pure Minimalist is a reflection on Allsop’s recent move to the Hamptons. “It’s no mistake that the collection embodies the minimalist beach landscape of the Hamptons. Despite designing furniture for many years throughout my architecture projects, my own recent sea change inspired the realization of the first coherent collection,” she said. Each piece speaks to the natural beauty of raw materials, appropriate proportions and simplicity at its best. Clean lines, soft tones and handmade finishes all attribute to the unspoken element of being “quietly luxurious” as Ameé describes. Designed to incorporate within a home’s existing collection or used as a base to inspire a change, the collection includes a club chair, dining table, dining chair, nesting coffee table, benches, and shelves.