Jan 01, 2020 / Furniture
Purity Stool by Jihye Kang

Purity Stool is a minimalist stool created by Seoul-based designer Jihye Kang. The start of the Purity Series was derived from material research on acrylic. This research focused on the various characteristics and potentials of acrylic, particularly its reflection and refraction. Although the common first impression of acrylic is that it is hard and static, its transparency creates an interaction between the material and other objects and movements. The relationship between these elements makes the material livelier and more dynamic than what otherwise might be expected. This play of light totally fascinates me. Due to the fact that there are a myriad of materials that can combine refractively with acrylic, this design process creates objet (furniture) that can give a variety of impressions according to their position, surroundings, and angle of viewing.

This series has basic rules. First, is that round rods of acrylic should be of uniform size and attach regularly. The second is that the objects which meet with the acrylic should be of regular shape. These basic rules help users to clearly observe the interacting images between the acrylic and its complements because the refraction is changing at random according to the viewers’ lines of sight. The last is combining the most basic figures while eschewing special decorative elements. Within the purity series, this collection is a combination of acrylic and stainless steel. The pieces fulfill various functions of furniture such as a table, chair, and a partition from the diversified use of stainless steel.