Jan 01, 2020 / Furniture
Legs by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte

Legs is a minimalist collection of contemporary furniture created by Belgium-based designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte. Legs is a collection of unique furniture for the contemporary home; asymmetrical powder coated steel structures. They’ve made their way into a new space: a room that is familiar to you, but causes them to hesitate. Their legs freeze on paths to destinations unknown. Your legs mingle with theirs to walk a path of mutual discovery. Their bodies of cold steel contrast with curved articulations and flat uninterrupted surfaces. Each creature presents a different scale of proportions. Some are more easily suited to the indulgent pace of a lazy weekend morning; others to a brief gesture of acknowledgement as you run out the door, and others still to support simple evenings of deserved recovery.

Photography by Miko Studio