Seinä is a minimalist bench created by Brussels-based designer Julien Renault. The bench is conceived as a piece of architecture more than a classic four legs public bench. It is like a low wall, a tree stump or a rock found on the side of a path in the countryside, offering a place to rest or to contemplate nature. This in between bits of architecture are often not meant to be used as outdoor furniture but ends up being the most interesting and used gathering points. SEINÄ is meant to fit perfectly into Fiskars bucolic atmosphere. Other than being extremely durable and easy to maintain, the shiny enamel finish reflects the surroundings, the water, the trees, and the architecture, just like the nearby water does. In a way, the nature and the weather was here to coat the bench and be its finishing touch. Made in collaboration with Emaillerie Belge, the new Bench was designed for the exhibition “Social Seating” curated by Jasper Morrison who invited eighteen designers of his choice to design and build a bench for the paths of the first Fiskars Village Biennale.