Shades of Michelangelo is a minimal chair created by Tokyo-based designer Toshiki Omatsu. The back plate of a chair is formed at an angle to the sheet surface because a right-angled plate makes you uncomfortable to sit. The design of this chair is based on the question that “What if the back plate is deformed according to one’s leaning on it backward?” The back plate, the sheet and the partial front legs are made out of a bended single aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3mm. The partial front legs of the aluminum work for the structural strength without any joints between legs. The aluminum of the chair is worked by a new technology called “Incremental forming”, which is developed by Kikukawa Kogyo Co., Ltd. “Incremental forming” is a dieless metalworking process that is suitable for small lot productions of a wide variety of products. Advantages of this method include cost and lead time reduction in comparison to conventional metalworking processes (spinning or die casting).