Jul 06, 2021 / Furniture
Sunny by Note Design Studio

Sunny is a minimal armchair designed by Stockholm-based atelier Note Design Studio for Lammhults. Sunny is an elegantly simple design formed from a sinuous steel piping frame, topped with a mattress-like cushion. In a departure from Lammhults’ normal production process, the designers at Note and Gunilla Allard chose to bypass the established dimensions used to develop contract furniture and to instead adopt the contours of the human body as their principal reference point. 

The innovation embodied in Sunny is functional as well as visual – a unique ‘U’-shaped zinc connector allows multiple chairs to be linked together in different formations, elevating Sunny from standalone product to endlessly versatile furniture system.unny’s bent-steel tubular frame is fitted with a robust load-bearing canvas ‘basket’, giving the chair its light, thin and airy appearance. It is topped with a thick, soft cushion that is sewn with channels, creating a striped appearance reminiscent of a down-filled blanket.