The furniture collections, “SUPER SUPER” and “SUGOI SUGOI” are the result of a partnership between Spacon & X, a Copenhagen-based cross-disciplinary design and architecture studio and Ironflag, a local graphic design practice. These collections, which draw their inspiration from traditional Japanese and Scandinavian design, are the outcome of a project for the Japanese restaurant Bento in Copenhagen and the lifestyle brand Vinsupernaturel.

The SUPER SUPER collection effortlessly combines simplicity with an industrial edge. The furniture pieces, which are made of bent and powder-coated metal, have a strong presence. Bold black anodized bolts and nuts join each component, displaying the straightforward and approachable assembly process. This blend of industrial design and familiarity creates an intriguing and captivating appeal, Spacon & X is known for. As a companion to the SUPER SUPER line, the SUGOI SUGOI collection offers a wooden alternative with a Scandinavian touch. Solid elm wood is combined with smoked oak, mirroring the bolts of the SUPER SUPER collection. The natural linseed oil finish enhances the grain patterns of the elm wood, providing a tactile and visually dramatic experience. SUGOI SUGOI radiates a sense of serenity and tranquility, embodying the essence of Japanese aesthetics.

The furniture collections showcase the fusion of Scandinavian craftsmanship and traditional Japanese design. With their industrial charm and organic warmth, these pieces invite a unique sensory experience while reflecting the creative vision and expertise of Spacon & X.