Tangent Shelf is a minimal shelving system created by Vancouver-based designer Yusho Nishioka Studio. Tangent is a wooden shelving unit with minimal & tactile characters; based on layers of super-ellipse forms inspired by the literacy of wooden ladders, giving a bold yet subtle contrast with its thin outline and structural dimensionality from where the platforms are held between the side panels. Despite its flat-pack assembly, durable solid wood is all that is visible in this design; which inherently contributes to it being made to last.

Rooted in essence of woodwork; every element has a function to create the upright structure we the balanced thickness and proportions are what makes up the shelf’s unique typology. The layered tray-like platforms visually elevates the everyday objects being displayed on it. When placed against the wall, the gap between rounded platforms offers pathway for cords of lamps or speakers. Offered in 2-Tier and 3-Tier variations, Tangent can be used as single units that is suitable for smaller spaces, and also for office and cafe spaces with multiples.