Y – apartment is a minimal apartment located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by Office Shogo Onodera. The client’s requests was to have a good space to enjoy food and wine with friends, and a large kitchen. The studio initialized the concept by organizing the space as logically as possible while checking the existing water supply / drainage and exhaust routes, and finding the ways to locate the rooms and the kitchen – contemplating whether the corridor can be positioned other than in the center. In the early stages of the study, they used a model to test the central corridor and the outer corridor. They tried a number of room allocation plans by reducing the area of the corridor and the living rooms that was taking up the space. The final theme was to seek something unexpected out of this space, which could exceed the temporary settings of the architect. Thus, in order to create imperfections in the design, it may be right to “set the purpose and effect to imperfections”. In other words, it may be said that an unexpected effect is produced or an unexpected activity is produced by the unfixed settings.

Photography by Ichiro Mishima