Oct 25, 2019 / Furniture
Tête à Tête by Lanza

Tête à Tête is a minimalist table and chair collection created by Mexico City-based designers Lanza. Tête à Tête is part of a series of dining rooms that explores the relationship between table and chair. In this way the project gravitates between the user-activated state in which the pieces of furniture are separated from one another, and the inert state in which Tête à Tête remains motionless performing another function, this time as a volumetric object. The variation between the open and closed condition of the set flows smoothly since the two chairs tongue-and-groove with the table, in an allegory of a conversation between two people. Tête à Tête has been manufactured by hand in banak wood and mdf by Alejandro Pérez, a Mexico City-based woodworker. This series of furniture is developed in small productions, in dialogue with urban woodworkers.