Carnide Apartment is a minimalist apartment located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Lola Cwikowski. In the residential periphery of Lisbon, two physicians are establishing a home to grow their family. The original interior was conscientiously updated to serve as a pristine haven for the pair of professionals with busy schedules. Neutral walls, left bare to the interplay between light and shadow, are humanized by a verdant leitmotif inspired by their love of outdoor travel. Custom furniture from local craftsmen features simple volumes in wood and white tones that evoke a sense of both the natural and the minimal. Robust yet luxurious, child- and pet-friendly materials dress the interior. The kitchen and dining room were united into one open entertaining space at the heart of the home.

Composite countertops chosen to match the existing stone window sills allot ample workspace and serve as a buffet for the adjacent dining room. There, a custom-crafted table and floating shelf provide a neutral canvas for soirées, while mid-century chairs and a dry floral arrangement by a local ikebana artist add a spray of color. The kitchen entrance was transformed into a virescent, multi-purpose pantry corridor, complete with integrated refrigerator and freezer. A corner niche in the foyer features the ceramic sculpture Gato Assanhado (Hissing Cat) by Bordallo Pinheiro, and a bespoke mirror reflects upon double doors to a living room configured for both work and relaxation; a tailored desk and drawer unit support the former, an ample couch and welcoming armchairs the latter. A vintage wooden sideboard and finishing touches from Portuguese flea markets imbue the space with local soul.

Photography by Alexander Bogorodskiy