The Wedge is a minimal chair created by Denmark-based designer Anne Dorthe Vester presented at The Cabinetmakers Fall Exhibition in Copenhagen. There is room for both the accuracy of industrial production and the variations of the hand with wedge-shaped timber backrests that fit into frames constructed of bent aluminum sheets. Since repetition is a key economic presumption for the industry’s manufacturing, the aluminum bases are all identical. While the four individually manufactured wedges differ within the base’s framework. Variety is craftsmanship’s key benefit. The intrinsic distinctions between the manufactured and the handmade are underlined by grouping them together. With a focus on both architecture and design and a material-based, experimental, and exploratory approach based on the Danish design tradition and craftsmanship, Anne Dorthe Vester, architect MAA, runs a studio in Copenhagen. This project is produced in a joint force by Rammelisten and METALWORKS.

Photography by Benita Marcussen