Apr 20, 2022 / Furniture
WM STL by Harry Teng

WM STL is a minimal stool created by California-based designer Harry Teng. WM STL is a special edition of Workman Stool with 8k mirror SS316 panels. WM STL is designed to be disappeared. The flat surface reflects itself and extends it into the environment. The simple form-factor captures the motion while deemphasizing the object. Workman Stool’s essence is its revolving. I wanted it to be a piece that provokes conversation through people’s active seating position, so it is a stool, not a chair. Though it does not necessarily provide the most comfort, it can create a dynamic atmosphere in the room and invite motion. The form factors of the Workman Series speak so much about whitespace, inviting a conversation between the furniture and the environment. In contrast to people’s traditional perception of sheet metal as heavy and clumsy, the lightness of the objects and their ability to blend into the environment create a very different impression. For the WKM STL special edition, I polished the Workman Stool to a mirror finish. This stool was designed to act as a mirror: wherever you are, you always feel a new, interesting sense of the environment.