BI Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by Francesc Rifé Studio. Visual silence defines this new dwelling in Barcelona in which a few whispers, such as the irregular rhythm of the oak wood slats and intended details bring a singular narrative to the whole project. With a horizontal and vertical balancing lines scheme, the aim is to wrap the residents in an intimate and warm environment, while the use of only white is intended to create a simple and calm atmosphere. Precisely, to favor the place’s calmness, most of the container elements and shelves are located close to the ground, focusing attention on the lowest part of the house.

In this way, the walls are clear and undecorated, with only natural light bathing their surfaces daily. All the rooms have direct access to the a U-shaped terrace where a large metal pergola has been installed in an anthracite gray finish, which seeks to provide shade. Next to this structure is the swimming pool and a volume built in natural stone that integrates the seating area. The exterior space is completed with a bar counter, as well as a large table and a support piece of furniture that incorporates the barbecue. Finally, the vegetation completely embraces the project, controlling the views and consciously isolating it from the urban environment.

Photography by Javier Márquez

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