9J Apartment is a minimalist interior located in Odessa, Ukraine, designed by Artem Trigubchak. 9J is a 45 square meters apartment in Odessa, located 300 meters from the beach. The apartment features a tiny area and only two windows on the one side. The task was to create a functional studio apartment that includes a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom as well as a plenty of storage. Creating the interior, all attention was focused on the convenient organization of space. The most illuminated part includes a kitchen united with a living space. The bedroom is separated from the living room by a wooden two-sided furniture element which is equipped with kitchen stuff and bookshelves on the one side and a storage system on the other. In the less illuminated part, one can find also a water closet and a hall equipped with a storage system. The pieces of furniture such as a blue lacquered dining table, marble and granite coffee tables, a double-colored mirror were specially designed for this project. The project was created by Artem Trigubchak during the existence of S&T architects studio.

Photography by Mikhail Loskutov