Flatiron Apartment is a minimalist interior located in New York, New York, designed by The Coast. The midtown apartment is a retreat to unwind from the demands of city life or a fun space geared towards entertaining guests. For this project, The Coast has rebuilt a one-bedroom in the Flatiron district on Park Avenue South, to do both. Austerity does sometimes intersect with raucous fun. Two large floor-to-ceiling doors, disguised as part of a single continuous wall, bisect this one bedroom unit. Opening the first hidden door is thrilling, leading to a completely black bathroom, acting as an accelerant and a slight of hand. The pristine gallery white walls meet the dramatic all-black bathroom in the center of the home– the tension between the matte sea salt white and the coarse slate stone of the bathroom– the perfect pas des deux. “Plein Air Painting” by Madeleine Hines