Acid House is a minimal wine bar located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by altbau studio. Tucked away in the bustling café street of Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong, Acid House emerges as an intriguing newcomer amidst the crowded showrooms catering to a cosmopolitan audience. Despite the quick pace of Seoul’s urban scene, altbau, the design team behind the project, was confident this location would best highlight Acid House’s unique allure. Taking cues from the relaxed nature and inherent simplicity of Northern European design, Acid House aims to provide an intimate retreat. The Copenhagen-inspired aesthetic fosters an inviting atmosphere where patrons can unwind in a serene setting, reminiscent of the tranquil ambiance of Scandinavia. Altbau’s design vision for Acid House veers away from overly complex constructs. While numerous elements like construction methods, material pairings, and convenience were considered during the design process, the team intentionally avoided overwhelming guests with intricate details. The goal was to foster an effortless experience, where the design’s intuitiveness is paramount.

Explore Acid House: minimalist design meets timeless woodcraft in a serene Scandinavian-inspired retreat

Photography by Sooin Jang