Casa Tepoztlán is a minimal residence located in Tepoztlán, Mexico, designed by DOSA STUDIO. Renowned for its scenic hills, the locality has a distinctive allure, deeply rooted in its rich history and natural milieu. A fresh architectural narrative has unfolded here, taking inspiration from the unique character of this location. The design of the house explores the intimate connection between the built environment and its natural surroundings. It employs local building traditions, skillfully merging the structure with the landscape. The property mimics the hourglass silhouette, creating a dialogue with its surroundings through dual interfaces that offer panoramic vistas. An open design ethos permeates the residence, welcoming the vibrant energies of Tepoztlán. The exterior façade, boasting massive stone walls, draws one’s attention towards an ancient Amate tree that seemingly yearns to become part of the house’s interior. The entryway, adorned with wooden mullions, can be seamlessly integrated with the interior hallway, resulting in a grand vestibule that harmoniously fuses indoor and outdoor spaces. The house’s centerpiece is a circular aperture in the main hall’s ceiling, adjoining a reflective pool below. This innovative design feature promotes contemplation and symbolizes the passage of time.

Photography by Fabian Martinez