Apr 01, 2016 / Interiors
Aesop Sapporo Stellar Place by CASE-REAL

Aesop Sapporo Stellar Place is a minimalist space located in Sapporo, Japan, designed by CASE-REAL. For this store, the designers aimed to portray the poetic and cinematic atmosphere which can be found in Sapporo, or even in the broader Hokkaido Prefecture. These are scenes that withhold contradictory elements, which are at the same time dynamic but somehow fragile, with a sense of roughness but also delicate. Thy believed that this would compliment well with the Aesop products as its backgrounds. For the main material, “Sapporo Freestone” was used and applied to the walls and countertop. Sapporo Freestone is a type of volcanic tuff, which has been used in the region for more than 100 years as construction materials for public facilities and private storehouses.

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