Amsterdam Loft is a minimalist apartment located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, designed by ardor—studio. The design philosophy was driven by a desire to maximize space, light, and comfort. Consequently, the main living areas are designed to be as open as possible, contrasting with the more intimate scales of the bedroom and office. Enhancements such as a new roof window and a dormer addition have been implemented to expand floor space and introduce more natural light, complemented by a strategic placement of windows that allow sunlight from multiple directions. Upon entering, a tall, narrow corridor opens into the main living space. Here, high oak wood veneered doors lead to various rooms including the bathroom and study, maintaining a consistent aesthetic with built-in wardrobes. The simplicity is contrasted by the corridor’s installation room doors, which feature a matte white finish that starts noticeably above the floor, giving a floating effect.

The kitchen is defined by a large block that, together with a towering bookshelf, enhances the spatial perception of height. An adjoining shallow oak-veneered cabinet serves dual functions as both book storage and kitchen utility space, softening the transition between the kitchen and living area. A notable feature is the mezzanine, seamlessly integrating cupboards and stairs, all finished in oak veneer. It cleverly utilizes the structural wall for support on one side, while suspending from the roof on the other, creating a cozy sleeping area that hovers above the living room without impeding the openness below. Ventilation holes in the mezzanine’s simple beamed ceiling align with the roof beams, adding functional and aesthetic value to the design. The bathroom utilizes tiles sourced from a French factory known for its historical production, adding a touch of vintage charm to the small but highly functional space. Despite its compact size, the bathroom manages to accommodate a full suite of amenities including laundry facilities, storage, and a spacious shower area, all benefiting from natural light and a partially elevated ceiling.