ANArKH is a minimal space located in Sangok-dong, South Korea, designed by Studio Eccentric. In the heart of a restricted development zone, an extraordinary bakery café and specialty coffee bar have emerged as if guided by destiny. This unique project is a collaboration between the Eccentric Design Lab of Hanyang University and Studio Eccentric. Harnessing the site’s constraints, the design team has crafted a space that allows visitors to intimately connect with nature on various levels. The two-story bakery café and single-story coffee bar each have distinct concepts, catering to different experiences of greenery. The first floor houses the bakery display and coffee counter, situated close to a reflection pond and a natural landscape. Seats along the curtain wall offer an exclusive view of the scenery, while central gardens evoke the sensation of being in a forest.

The minimalist design approach incorporates bright, monotone finishes that harmonize with the changing seasons. On the second floor, the main café hall features a linear water feature, set against a stunning 9-meter-high open space. Seating options cater to different viewing preferences, and the water feature serves as a runway or virgin road. The gentle water flow and accompanying sound amplify the spatial experience. At the other end, guests can enjoy a theatrical seating area, occasionally hosting classical music performances, with sweeping views of the outdoors. Distinct from the lower levels, the third floor offers a versatile food and beverage experience. By day, it operates as a specialty coffee bar, transforming into an alcohol-serving establishment at night. Designed for intimate conversations, circular pods accommodating four to six people are interspersed with greenery-filled spaces. Louvers on the pods provide privacy without feeling restrictive, allowing guests to appreciate the adjacent gardens.

Photography by Mingu Kang