Apartment AR is a minimal apartment located in Lisbon, Portugal, designed by RAR.STUDIO. The owners, who split their time between a vast residence in the countryside and this city flat, were on a quest. They envisioned a home in the city that while streamlined in its design, would lack nothing in comfort—for both them and their feline companion, Alice. Upon entering the ground level, one is immediately struck by a singular, open-plan space. At its core, a central construct seamlessly integrates the kitchen and the living room, ensuring flow and functionality. Where once stood a cumbersome staircase, now ascends a slender metallic structure, harmoniously playing with the duplex’s impressive double-height ceiling. In a nod to fine craftsmanship, the interior doorways were meticulously recalibrated, lending to the home’s cohesive feel. Further enhancing the aesthetic, the carpentry has undergone a total revamp, incorporating wooden and stainless steel furnishing elements—a testament to the union of traditional materials with contemporary design.