Apartment DV is a minimal house located in Ghent, Belgium, designed by Charlotte Vercruysse. In the lively center of Ghent, a large corner apartment facing a lush green park was transformed into a comfortable and inviting home for a young family. The project involved the complete renovation of the apartment, including the restructuring of the spaces, supervising the full technical package and the interior design with its made-to-measure fixed furniture. The brightly coloured accents, such as the forest green kitchen island, pink pastellone and green cocciopesto accents in the bathroom and a bone-colored bar in the lounge add a lively touch. A central axis (corridor) connects the grand living area and the kitchen, with all the private and night zones. The eye-catcher (of the living area), a round dining nook with a large custom-made table overlooking the park, offers ample space to entertain family and friends. The original narrow corridor was widened at the center to create an immersive spatial experience that also interconnect all the spaces. The lounge at the rear, with its newly enlarged windows, flood the inner space with natural light. The slatted timber ceiling adds a graphic accent and enhance the acoustic comfort.